AEC Center

AEC Center is a parent/guardian choice program for students who are having difficulties conforming to a traditional school setting.  This program provides a safe, supportive, and structured environment for academic, personal, and social growth by engaging students in practical academic applications, technology and skills to be successful.  Attention is focused on helping students close academic and behavioral gaps in order for them to be successful.  Character education, contingency contracting, a level system and a token economy are used to motivate students throughout the day.  Family involvement is a high priority.  Parents/guardians are contacted via phone and email on a regular basis and also receive a weekly progress report on their child which informs them of their child’s behavioral and academic progress.

Additionally, the AEC Center also has Emotional Support and Day Treatment Programs.  These programs are designed to provide additional supports for students with unique needs.

Our Emotional Support Program operates on the belief that behavioral and psychiatric disorders may have a significant impact on an adolescent’s ability to learn and that educational and treatment services should be delivered in the least restrictive environment (LRE).  Students who have met the necessary criteria will be admitted into the Emotional Support Program.  The program provides students with an inclusionary academic setting and a controlled and therapeutic environment tailored to meet their specific needs.  Students reside at home and receive educational and therapeutic services throughout the school day.  The Charter School, in partnership with Adelphoi, provides students with the support of a state-licensed therapist who supports the students through individual and group therapy sessions.  Included are also family therapy sessions and coordination with other agencies to provide the necessary supports and services.

Students in our Day Treatment Program receive individual and group support to promote academic and behavioral improvements.  The Charter School, in partnership with Adelphoi, provides Day Treatment students with the support of a caseworker who fosters individual growth daily.  Each student has a treatment plan that sets goals and monitors progress.  Day Treatment accepts county and school district referrals.

Scatena Center

Youth who are court-placed in community-based residential programs attend school at Scatena Center. Youth have access to both Title I remedial math and language arts and special education services. Youth participate in employability classes and leave with a career portfolio. Students in Scatena Center also have an opportunity to participate in an after-school career readiness program with five specific hands-on programming options. Scatena Center provides students with a supportive and structured environment where academic growth is encouraged by focusing on critical thinking skills, independent learning and the use of technology in the classroom. Also included during the academic school day are treatment related support provided by Adelphoi staff who travel with the students throughout the day.

Middle Creeks

Youth who are court-placed in secure care attend classes at Middle Creek. These youth also have access to Title I remedial and special education services. Youth participate in employability skills to foster career choices. Middle Creek provides instruction that helps students develop essential work and study habits, as well as life skills, through a structured technology-based classroom environment. Also included during the academic school day are treatment-related support provided by Adelphoi staff who are present within the classroom.

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