Science Department

The Science Department at Ketterer Charter School is committed to providing an educational experience that is rigorous, individualized, and that maximizes educational opportunity for each and every student enrolled in the Charter School. Curriculum is aligned to the PA core and each student who attends Ketterer Charter is provided with differentiated, individualized attention to meet their needs.

Science Department Curriculum Team

  • Team Leader: Michele Pfeifer
  • Ken Patrick
  • Jen Schimizzi
  • Dean Austraw

The Science Department Will:

  • Promote scientific inquiry by teaching students to draw conclusions and think critically and logically to create explanations based on evidence
  • Encourage students to interact with their environment, ask questions, and seek ways to answer those questions
  • Provide a structured environment to help students succeed in science
  • Deliver inquiry-based instruction to help facilitate the student’s learning of science
  • Provide students with an understanding of biology that will enable them to make informed decisions concerning their health and environment
  • Help students develop problem solving skills that may be applied to all areas of life
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