Math Department

The Math Department at Ketterer Charter School is committed to providing an educational experience that is rigorous, individualized, and that maximizes educational opportunity for each and every student enrolled in the Charter School. Curriculum is aligned to the PA core and each student who attends Ketterer Charter is provided with Title 1 math support on a daily basis.

Math Department Curriculum Team

  • Team Leader: Cindy Pawlowski
  • Rebecca Frederick
  • Brittney Canter
  • Michael Lukon
  • Shelby Mostoller
  • Kristyan Hahn
  • Mark Higinbotham

The Math Department Will:

  • Provide students with hands-on education
  • Give students academic support with multiple teachers caring for their needs
  • Set the bar high for student achievement and motivate all students to succeed and meet those educational goals
  • Ensure students have a solid foundation for all of their needs, both emotionally or educational
  • Spotlight success in the classroom
  • Create a learning environment that is safe, inviting, and productive
  • Incorporate technological devices such as Smart Boards, laptops, and graphing calculators to supplement the curriculum
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