English Department

The English Department at Ketterer Charter School is committed to providing an educational experience that is rigorous, individualized and that maximizes educational opportunity for each and every student enrolled in the Charter School. Curriculum is aligned to the PA core and each student who attends Ketterer Charter is provided with Title 1 ELA support on a daily basis.

ELA Department Curriculum Team

  • Team Leader: Kristen Hahn
  • Missy Hoak
  • Karie Wilson
  • Sharon Hayden
  • Stephanie Sucke
  • Josie Shepard
  • Jessica Mulvihill

The ELA Department Will:

  • Ensure that all students have a solid foundation in writing
  • Provide all students with opportunities to enhance their communication and critical thinking skills
  • Promote student achievement through rigorous, standards aligned curriculum
  • Create a learning environment for writing and speaking that is safe, inviting and productive
  • Enable students to acquire the necessary language arts skills to be successful in post-secondary education as well as in the workplace
  • Arm all students with higher-order thinking skills in the areas of reading, writing, and critical analysis
  • Be sure to emphasize the positive, because the negative is often easier to deliver and to believe
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